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Welcome to Families of Incarcerated Individuals, Inc.

As the United States continues to imprison large numbers of it's population, services, that meet the special needs of the families who are left behind, must be provided. Families of Incarcerated Individuals, Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to providing those services.

Our Goals & Objectives

  • To provide a forum for families to address issues and concerns regarding incarceration.
  • To provide incarceration prevention and intervention services to youth in affected families.
  • To provide services to families that will assist them in maintaining a relatively normal lifestyle.
  • To assist families and inmates in re-adjusting to life free of incarceration.

Families of Incarcerated Individuals, Inc. (FII) is a non-profit organization established in 1989 to serve families who are affected by incarceration. Since its inception, FII has provided a variety of community based programs and services designed to foster positive family values and cultivate opportunities for self-sufficiency and citizenship among individuals affected by incarceration.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to deter incarceration through family support.

2011 Agency Highlights


Doorways Reentry Program

Provided one-on one mentoring relationships to female offenders from Mark Luttrell Correctional Center and enriched transitional services for self-sufficiency and successful reintegration. Currently, we have mentored over 60 female offenders since its inception.


Project AWARE Mentoring Program (PAMP)

Provided one-on one mentoring for children and youth who have been affected by incarceration, grades K-12. Currently, we have 54 active mentoring relationships and mentored over 500 children and youth since 2004.


EarnBenefits Program

Offered families enrolled in Earnbenefits a total value of $776,673.00 of all benefits such as food stamps, tax credits, healthcare, etc...